JComments Installation guide

JComments should be installed as a standard component through Joomla's administration panel. Please note, that all plugins, including search plugin will be installed together with the component, so separate installation is not required.

Before installing the component, make sure the following directories on the site have write permissions:

  • /components/
  • /administrator/components/
  • /plugins/content/
  • /plugins/editors-xtd/
  • /plugins/search/
  • /plugins/system/
  • /plugins/user/
  • /language/en-GB/

Note: If the message "e;The other component uses this folder"e; appears, it means that the component is already installed or was improper removed (some files left from previous installation). In that case all left files and folders should be manually removed before new installation.

After the component was successfully installed, press the "e;Next"e; button and save the initial settings.

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