Dear visitors, due to too much spam our forum was closed. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you've any questions you can ask them on Joomla's forum.

How to ask question correctly

Before asking question please use the search: it is possibly that your problem have been already solved. Moreover read carefully the Questions and Answers section of the sie which is devoted to the product with which you have a problem.

  • Choose the forum section devoted to the product with which you have a problem.
  • Carefully and with as much details as possible describe the nature of a problem or found error.
  • Inform about the environment in which the problem was found (Joomla version, local or shared server, product name and version etc).
  • Inform if you did anything to solve the problem and what were results.
  • Inform about latest changes in site's configuration or software changes that can be related to the problem (for example, PHP or MySQL version update).

When you turn to support please keep the following rule: one question — one topic. It will simplify the work. Remember the more accurate question will be the quicker answer will be and your problem will be solved quickly as a result.

Also if you asked the question and then found the problem's solution by yourself, please visit the forum and share you solutions with others. It is possibly your solution will help others and save someone's time.