Import of comments from third-party components to JComments

The possibility to import the comments from other components is intended to simplify the start of usage of JComments commenting component. At a moment the comments import is supported from following components:

  • AkoComment and modifications
  • BeeHeard
  • Chrono Comments
  • ComboMax
  • Cinema
  • HotOrNot2
  • DatsoGallery
  • EasyComment
  • Ice Gallery
  • JA Comment
  • JMovies
  • JMyLife
  • JomComment
  • JoomlaComment
  • JoomGallery
  • J!Reactions
  • JXtended Comments
  • LinkDirectory
  • LyftenBloggie
  • MosCom
  • Mosets Tree
  • MusicBox
  • Music Collection
  • mXcomment
  • PAXXGallery
  • RDBS Comment
  • Remository
  • MightyExtensions Resource
  • RSGallery2
  • SOBI2
  • TPDugg
  • VirtueMart
  • UrComment
  • Webee Comment
  • yvComment
  • ZiMB Comment
  • zOOm Media Gallery
  • ZOO 2.0

To import your comments you must perform the following:

  1. Log into the administration panel of Joomla.
  2. Select "Components-JComments-Data Import".
  3. Select your component from the list and press "Import".
  4. A message will appear with exact number of imported comments as soon as the import will be finished.

During the import the smiles of third party extension will be converted to the standard smiles of JComment, as well as unsupported BBCodes are deleted from the comments.

If required, you can repeat import of your comments and in that case all already imported comments will be deleted eliminating the risk of comments' duplication.

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