How to turn on the avatars displaying option in JComments?

The JComments supports only one type of avatars by default - the avatars of Gravatar.com service(see What is Gravatar?). However, the list of supported avatars can be lot extended after additional JComments - Avatars plugin installation.

How to turn on the avatars displaying?

Carry out the following actions in administrative panel of settings of JComments:

  1. Select the "General" tab and setup the "Plugin support" parameter to "Yes". This parameter is responsible for third-party JComments plugins operation, including the avatar's plugin (if installed).
  2. Select the "Permissions" tab and setup the rights on avatars' viewing for necessary user's groups. Check the "Display Gravatar" parameter to allow chosen users group see the avatars.
  3. Save the component's settings.

How to turn on the avatars displaying from third-party components?

Make the following steps to display the common avatars from third-party components, not Gravatars, (for example, CommunityBuilder or Fireboard):

  1. Carry out actions describes in previous item above. In other words, turn on the plugins support, and give the rights for Gravatars viewing (yes, the Gravatars, they will be automatically replaced with common avatars).
  2. Download and install the "JComments - Avatars" plugin.
  3. Go to "JComments - Avatars" plugin settings and carry out the initial setup by choosing the avatar's type to display. Besides that, it is possible to set up the avatar as link to profile in third-party source component. Save the settings.
  4. Publish the "JComments - Avatars" plugin.

What components are supported in JComments - Avatars plugin?

At a moment the following avatars from third-party components are supported:

  • Agora forum
  • CommunityBuilder
  • ccBoard
  • Standard Contacts component (com_contacts).
  • FireBoard
  • IDoBlog
  • JomSocial
  • Joo!BB forum
  • JoomSuite User
  • K2
  • Kunena forum
  • iJoomla Magazine
  • Ninjaboard forum
  • phpBB3 (Blogomunity p8pbb bridge, JFusion bridge, RokBridge)
  • vBulletin forum (experimental option, for bbpixel integration)

How to extend the list of supported components in avatars plugin?

Make the topic with heading "Avatar's support in xxx component" in Suggestions, Wishlists & Feature Requests section of the forum, where the xxx - is the component name. At that, it is preferable to post the link to component homepage, and inform us if you have any desire to be the beta-tester in this situation. We will try to perform the request as far as possible and extend the functional possibilities of the plugin.