ProofReader - the effective tool to find typing and other text errors.

ProofReader component allows all website visitors to inform about found errors. The component uses the AJAX technology to send the messages about found errors and it is some kind of analogue of Orphus service known in Russia.

It is just necessary to select the text fragment which contents the error by mouse and press the key combination Ctrl+Enter (Shift+Enter or Alt+Enter, depending on settings) to send the message to site administrator. After the key combination is pressed the popup window will ask to write the correct variant and some comments. At that the page will not be reloaded and the visitor stayed on the same page he was.

This message will be sent on e-mail (one or several) defined in component settings. Besides, it is possible to view the list of received messages in administrative panel of the component.

Main features

  • Uses the AJAX technology to send the messages without reloading the current web page.
  • Sends the messages on defined e-mails.
  • Support the spambot protection by means of CAPTCHA (picture with numbers)
  • User can suggest the correct variant not only send the message about error.
  • Limit the messages quantity by one user in time as protection from spam.
  • Definition of messages duplicates (there is just notification if the user sent the message about same error two times).
  • The special mambot allows to ease the editor's work by selecting with red color the errors text. Thus the editor or administrator received the message about error can go to the page under link and find easily the error colored with red. (just simple algorithm at a moment, so not all errors can be colored).