JComments 2.2 Release Notes

What's new in JComments 2.2?

  • Main changes
    • Added 'Report to Moderator' feature (allows users to send complaints about comments content).
    • Added 'Quick moderation' from administrator's notification (publish, unpublish or remove com-ments directly from administrator's notification e-mail).
    • Added support for RTL languages (extra CSS styles).
    • Added ability to create subscriptions from backend.
    • Added support for meta keywords and description for JComments menu item.
    • Added new parameter: Minimum comment length.
    • Settings forms in JComments backend now uses AJAX.
    • New option for comment form appearance: hide if any comment exist.
    • Added rule to support JomSocial User Points System.
    • Added router for RSS feed URLs translation to be human-readable.
    • Added function to restore the default settings.
    • Added parameter to select notifications type to administrator.
    • Added check for current Joomla's template for afterDisplayContent event.
    • Changed CSS class name for the link to comments (from 'comment-link' to 'comments-link').

  • BBCodes
    • Added copy function for Custom BBCodes (ability to copy custom BBCodes).
    • New custom BBCode: Facebook Video.
    • Fixed bug with [code] tag processing.
    • Fixed processing of the [code] tag in RSS feeds
    • Fixed bug with processing nested quotes.
    • Improved URL handling in BBCodes.

    • Added support of 3rd party CAPTCHA implementations (via plugins).
    • CAPTCHA switched off automatically if GD library isn't installed.
    • Added a small hack to allow CAPTCHA image display even if some notice or warning occurred.

  • Plugin «Content - JComments»
    • New parameter - Show Hits (Note: will increase SQL queries count per page).
    • New parameter - Readmore link CSS class.
    • New parameter - Comments link CSS class.
    • New parameter - Content event (onPrepareContent or onAfterDisplayContent).
    • Fixed AlphaContent integration bug.

Other fixes

Fixed numerous errors and misses, not all of them made it to this list but some were a nuisance in the previous version. Most important fixes:

  • Fixed bug in AJAX calls to an URL with specified port
  • Solved settings saving bug with huge number of categories
  • Fixed error when magic_quotes_sybase is on
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in JComments backend (thanks to High-Tech Bridge SA)
  • Fixed JavaScript loads on pages where JComments isn't published
  • Fixed bug in settings section (the permission tab blank for Catalan language)
  • Fixed bug with RSS feed in IE
  • Fixed bug with displaying comments for users without permissions to post comments
  • Fixed smiles replacement bug
  • Fixed pagination bug (thanks to blanxd, http://www.joomlatune.com/forum/index.php/topic,1551.0.html)
  • Added fix for very long titles (same function as for long words in comment text)
  • Fixed absolute path detection bug (Joomla 1.0 only)
  • Fixed bug in /helpers/plugin.php (Joomla 1.0 only)


There are some changes in default JComments template. So if you are using modified template of JComments 2.1, it is strongly recommended to compare the directories of JComments 2.1 and JCom-ments 2.2 templates and make necessary updates. Otherwise some functions may not work.


Added four new language files and updated 14 exiting ones. Most of the time the additions are due to new language constants and improved quality of translations. My sincere gratitude to all translators for their work!

  • New translations
    • Croatian (thanks to Tomislav Kikic, Damuz)
    • Galician
    • Greek (thanks to Chrysovalantis Mochlas and Lazaros Giannakidis)
    • Portuguese (Brazilian) (thanks to Daniel Gomes, Caio Guimaraes)
    • Serbian (thanks to Ivan Krkotic)
  • Updated translations
    • Bulgarian (thanks to Alexander Sidorov and Georgi Gerov)
    • Danish (thanks to Martin Podolak and Ole Bang Ottosen)
    • Dutch (thanks to Pieter Agten, Mirjamm and Zjuul)
    • German (thanks to Denis Panschinski)
    • French (thanks to Eric Lamy)
    • Italian (thanks to Giuseppe Covino)
    • Polish (thanks to Jamniq)
    • Portuguese (thanks to Pedro Jesus)
    • Romanian (thanks to Dan Partac)
    • Slovak (thanks to Vladimir Prochazka)
    • Spanish (thanks to Selim Alamo)
    • Swedish (thanks to MulletMidget)
    • Turkish (thanks to Tolga Sanci)
    • Norwegian (thanks to Helge Johnsen)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed typo in language files (AP_FORM_SHOW_FROM to AP_FORM_SHOW_FORM).
    • Fixed typo in language files 'persmissions' -> 'permissions'.
    • Fixed error in datetime format in Thai language file.

Import of comments

New version now allows import of comments from 13 new components, import function has been optimized and all known errors have been fixed. Currently JComments supports comment importing from 46 different extensions!

  • New import sources
    • BeeHeard
    • JA Comment
    • JMyLife
    • LyftenBloggie
    • MightyExtensions Resource
    • Music Collection
    • RDBS Comment
    • TPDugg
    • UrComment
    • Webee Comment
    • yvComments
    • ZiMB Comment
    • ZOO 2.0
  • Updated import functions
    • Improved import comments algorithm.
    • Improved import comments from JoomGallery (added support for JoomGallery 1.5.5 beta).
    • Comments import in JComments backend now uses AJAX.
    • Updated K2 comments import function to include K2 v2.0.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed some errors in yvComment import function
    • Fixed bug in JoomlaComment import (added import e-mail, website and rating fields)
    • Fixed bug in comments rating import from ChronoComments (thanks clone)
    • Fixed bug in PhocaGallery comments import
    • Fixed bug in SOBI2 Reviews import
    • Fixed bug in AkoBook entries import (wrong time format)

Integration with third-party extensions

Optimized integration plugins that are necessary for correct reference to the commented objects, improved compatibility with JoomFish, added 15 new plugins, fixed errors in 6 plugins.:

  • New integration plugins
    • BeeHeard
    • CoreJoomla Community Polls
    • DigiFolio
    • FLEXIcontent (thanks to Emmanuel Danan)
    • JaVoice
    • JCollection (thanks to Thorsten Riess)
    • JMyLife
    • JUserlist
    • LyftenBloggie
    • MooFAQ (thanks to Douglas Machado)
    • Music Collection
    • PhocaGallery (thanks to Jan Pavelka)
    • PhocaDownload (thanks to Jan Pavelka)
    • RSEvents! (thanks to Oregon)
    • TPDugg
  • Updated integration plugins
    • JCalPro (added support JCalPro 2.x)
    • MightyExtensions Resource (thanks to Sergey Romanov)
    • Fixed bug in QuickFaq plugin
    • Fixed bug in PuArcade plugin
    • Fixed typo in EasyCalendar plugin
    • Fixed typo in EasyFAQ plugin
  • Discontinued integration plugins
    • Kinoarchiv
    • TrueGallery
    • MDDGallery
    • PAXXGallery

How to upgrade from JComments 2.1 to JComments 2.2

Follow next steps to update to current stable version of JComments:

  1. Make your site backup
  2. Backup of your JComments' template if it was customized
  3. Backup of /components/com_jcomments/images/smiles (if you've changed smiles set)
  4. Uninstall JComments 2.1
  5. Install JComments 2.2
  6. Compare your template Make backup of your JComments' template (if it has any changes) and apply your changes to new template
  7. Restore smiles from the backup

During the installation the database tables and all data will be automatically updated. All comments and setting will be preserved.