JComments 2.1 Release Notes

What's new in JComments 2.1?

  • New Feature - Comment Topic, a new field for comment submission form. This field can be turned off in administration panel and uses by default the name of the commented object, for example article name, product name, etc, just in case users forgot to type in a Comment Topic.
  • New Feature - Simple Subscription Manager, a panel to administer the parameters of new comments notification. This feature can check the validity of an e-mail address and send administrators a notice about wrong addresses.
  • New Feature - BBCode Manager will help you create custom BBCodes very easy, just like phpBB3 forum platform does. You just define tags, setup the replacements and regular expressions, setup access rights and further more, you can use a custom button for each custom BBCode.
  • New Feature - Domain Detection will check site configuration (with 'www' or without 'www') and correct cross-domain ajax query.
  • Improvement - All language files for Joomla 1.0 have been deleted and now they are created automatically from language files for Joomla 1.5, using a UTF-8 to ISO converter.
  • Improvement - The send button text have been changed to "Send" from "Send (Ctrl+Enter)", and the "Send (Ctrl+Enter)" note is added as button tool tip.
  • Improvement - All comments will be deleted for the deleted commented object.
  • Improvement - The CSS and JavaScript code and links are not loaded on the pages where JComments is not used (Joomla 1.5 only).
  • Improvement - The registered user's information (name, e-mail) will be updated in comments and subscriptions if the user or an admin changes these informations. (only for Joomla 1.5)
  • Improvement - If the topic is locked for a specific object, (using the {jcomments lock} tag), the Refresh, RSS and Subscribe buttons are not available.
  • Improvement - The links to CSS and JavaScript files are relative now (Joomla 1.5 only).
  • Improvement - Now you can desable the replacement of the standard 'Read more..' link with JComments 'Read more..' (Joomla 1.5 only).
  • Improvement - Now it is possible to control the position of 'Read more..' and 'Comments' links. The links can be displayed before the object or after (Joomla 1.5 only).
  • Improvement - Now it is possible to hide the 'Read more..' and 'Comments' links (Joomla 1.5 only).
  • Fix - Issue with comment's time (see topic JComment displaying a wrong Time Zone).


Component template system is optimized. Improved some faults in styles for most efficient work in different Joomla templates. There are a lot of changes, so if you are using modified template of JComments 2.0, it is strongly recommended to compare the directories of JComments 2.0 and JComments 2.1 templates and make necessary updates. Otherwise probably some functions will not work.


New languages are supported:

  • Hungarian (József Tamás Herczeg)
  • Spanish (Selim Alamo Bocaz)
  • Catalan (Xavier Montana Carreras)
  • Thai (Thammatorn Kraikokit)
  • Slovenian (Dorjano Baruca)
  • Rumanian (zlideni)
  • Czech (Aleš Drnovský)
  • Eleonora van Nieuwburg (Dutch)

Data import

The data import from the following extensions is supported:

  • Import of JamBook guest book records
  • Import of K2 catalogue comments

Integration with third-party extensions

The following plugins to provide integration with third-party extensions are added:

  • APoll
  • AutoExp
  • hwdVideoShare
  • JoomSuite Resource
  • JVideo
  • K2
  • PhocaGallery
  • RokDownloads
  • Weblinks
  • YooTheme Zoo

How to upgrade from JComments 2.0.to JComments 2.1

Follow next steps to update to current stable version of JComments::

  1. Make full backup of database and of the website's files (just for the case).
  2. Remove the component by means of extensions manager of administrative panel of the Joomla.
  3. Check that all following files were removed:
    • /plugins/content/jcomments.content.php
    • /plugins/content/jcomments.content.xml
    • /plugins/search/jcomments.search.php
    • /plugins/search/jcomments.search.xml
    • /plugins/system/jcomments.system.php
    • /plugins/system/jcomments.system.xml

    If there are some of these files please remove them manually.

    Note: In Joomla 1.0 these files are located in folder 'mambots', not in 'plugin'.

  4. Install JComments 2.1

During the installation the database will be automatically updated, all necessary fields will be added, all data will be updated. But all comments and setting will be stored.