JComments 2.0 Release Notes

New features in JComments 2.0

  • The component can be installed and work on following basis: Joomla 1.0, Joomla 1.5 (Native), Joomla 1.5 (Legacy mode), Joostina 1.x.
  • Completely rewritten all AJAX operation. As a result the collision problem with extensions using the XAJAX was solved. (Joomla Tags, JMovies etc.).
  • The function giving the possibility to answer the comment and also tree template of comments view are added. It is important to note, that the answer the comment function is available only in tree view of comments list.

    Note: The function of splitting on pages for tree view of comments list is not supported.

  • The new comments rate function is added. The accessibility of this function depends on rights and rate visibility setup. There are following limitations: the user can't rate its own comments (IP check for guests, identifier check for registered users) and can't vote more than one time for one comment. At the same time the rights for customization of this function can be setup in components settings. It allows to use the component in kind of guestbook or FAQ (in this case the guests have the right only to add comments and administrators have the rights to answer the comments).
  • The support of JoomFish 1.8.2 and JoomFish 2.0 is added. It is possible to customize settings for each language separately.
  • The data entered by user (name, e-mail, address) are saved in Cookies. It saves the users from entering this data every time while posting comment.
  • Completely redesigned the administrative panel view. Parameters are regrouped, the descriptions are extended.
  • The function of success decoding of text from UTF-8 is added and in case of false (more than half of symbols in '????' view) the automatically decoding from UTF-8 tohtml-entities will be used. It allows to avoid the problems with encoding on Joomla 1.0 while adding the comments on language differs from the main language of the site.
  • The experimental function of unification and compression of JavaScript is added. At a moment it can be turned on only manually by setting up the meaning for gzip_js parameter in component settings table - jos_jcomments_settings. Later this function will be available in administrative interface.


  • While pressing BBCode buttons and the text was not selected the request to select the text will be displayed.
  • The support of external comment components tags is added. For example: {jomcomment},{mxc},{mxc::closed},{easycomments}.
  • The e-mails check is improved.
  • The compatibility with extensions using the KCAPTCHA is improved.
  • It is possible to remove the links to comments on frontpage (in jcomments.content plugin/mambot parameters).
  • The automatically remove of unpaired bbcode tags is added.
  • The messages about errors during comment posting are displayed as tool tips not as popup windows as earlier.
  • The component uninstaller is updated. The messages about uninstall process are displayed.
  • The component code was optimized, unused functions and variables were deleted, and code comments are added. The code is reflowed and unified.
  • In FireFox, Opera and IE the comments field is extended in proportion as number of comment lines becomes more. This function was not checked in all browsers, so it is possible it will not work somewhere.
  • The support of JRE Cache component is added(in order to comments will not be cashed).
  • The comments form appears automatically if there is #addcomment anchor in the address link in spite of it is turned off by default in settings.


The templates system is completely replaced in this version. We make the decision to stop using patTemplate system to reduce memory usage and increase in productivity, and new own template system was realized. There are the help comments added in template's files. In near future the description of new template system will be available together with new additional templates.

Besides, the experimental load of template from Joomla template's folder is added. In other words, if the current template has a name of 'rhuk_milkyway', and comments template named as 'default', first of all the component will try to load the template from folder /templates/rhuk_milkyway/jcomments/default/. It allows to create different templates for every global site template without changing the component name. Also, after component is uninstalled all templates will be saved and will not be lost.


The format of language files is changed. Now all language variables are stored in ini files(as in Joomla 1.5), at the same time in Joomla 1.5 the native procedure of localization upload is used, in Joomla 1.0 there is the separate special procedure that realizes the analogous functional as in Joomla 1.5.

The localization files have the following names:

  • for Joomla 1.5: xx-XX.com_jcomments.ini and xx-XX.com_jcomments.menu.ini (where xx-XX it is the language code)
  • for Joomla 1.0: xxx.ini (where xxx is a language)

New languages are supported:

  • Danish (ot2sen)
  • Dutch (Aapje)
  • Polish (Tomasz Ziółczyński)
  • Portuguese (Paulo Izidoro)
  • French (Saber & baboon)
  • Slovak (Vladimír Procházka)

Data import

The data import possibility from following extensions is added:

  • Data import from AkoBook
  • Comments import from Chrono Comments
  • Comments import from JXtended Comments
  • Plugin Reviews for SOBI2 catalouge
  • Comments component from J! Reactions
  • Reviews import from VirtueMart component
  • Comments import from Ice Gallery (comments does not content any information about users, all user's comments will be presented as from guests)
  • Comments import from JoomGallery
  • Comments import from JoomlaComments and mXcomment updated

For multilingual sites (if JoomFish is installed) the possibility to choose the language will be available during import process.

Note: Unlike the previous version, only found components are displayed in Import section. Thus, if some of components are not displayed in the list, or the list is empty means that the supported components are not found.

Integration with third-party extensions

The following plugins to provide integration with third-party extensions are added:

  • Bookmarks
  • Garys Cookbook
  • GroupJive
  • EventList
  • Ice Gallery
  • JDownloads
  • JoomGallery
  • KBase
  • RSGallery2 (Joomla 1.5 support)
  • QuickFAQ
  • Yellowpages