Integration of JComments to EstateAgent catalogue

EstateAgent — is popular estate catalouge for Joomla. The JComments component integration to this component will allow all users to leave the comments to the estate objects and will essentially expand the functional possibilities of the catalouge.

  1. Open file /components/com_estateagent/estateagent.html.php
  2. Find the following lines:
    and replace them with:
      global $mosConfig_absolute_path;
      $comments = $mosConfig_absolute_path . '/components/com_jcomments/jcomments.php';
      if (file_exists($comments)) {
        $tabs->startTab(_JCOMMENTS_HEADER, 'comments-page');
        echo JComments::showComments($obj->id, 'com_estateagent', $obj->title);
  3. Save the changed file.

As a result there will be an additional tab «Comments» where the visitors can leave the reviews, comments or even questions about estate objects.

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