Integration of JComments to AdsManager

AdsManager — Joomla classifieds component was written based on MarketPlace source code. in spite of the development of the component is finished in April, it is still the popular meaning to create the classifieds board under Joomla. The JComments component integration to classifieds board will allow all users to leave the comments to the classifieds.

  1. Open file /components/com_adsmanager/adsmanager.html.php
  2. Find the following lines:
              <?php if ($unique == 1) { ?>
                   <div class="back_button">
                   <a href='javascript:history.go(-1)'>
                   <?php echo ADSMANAGER_BACK_TEXT; ?>
              } else {
                   echo "<br />";
    and insert the following code after:
      global $mosConfig_absolute_path;
      $comments = $mosConfig_absolute_path . '/components/com_jcomments/jcomments.php';
      if (file_exists($comments)) {
        echo JComments::showComments($row->id, 'com_adsmanager', $row->ad_headline);

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