JComments 2.3.0 Changelog

What's new in JComments 2.3.0?

  • Added support of Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5
  • Added reports list in JComments' backend (reports are shown in comment's edit section)
  • Added possibilty to filter reported comments
  • Added blacklist (IP-ban feature)
  • Added user's comments RSS feed
  • Added filter by object's access level in RSS and search plugin
  • Import function now supports huge number of comments to import
  • Language file was splitted into 2 parts - frontend and backend
  • New tag {jcomments} in article's text allows to set position of comments block
  • New permission options (edit/publish/remove comments for own content)
  • New parameter: Delete mode (how to delete comment - remove it with all replies or just clear title/comment and mark item as deleted)
  • New parameter: Merge time
  • New parameter: Enable reports (allows to enable/disable report to administrator feature
  • New parameter: Reports per comment (maximum reports count per comment)
  • New parameter: Reports before unpublish (allows to unpublish comment after N reports)
  • New parameter: Report reason disabled (allows to not require report reason)
  • New parameter: Always embed comments into page source (includes comments list in page source when Joomla cache is enabled)
  • New parameter: Max. comments per object (auto lock article's commenting if comments count more than allowed)
  • New parameter: Feed limit (items count in comments feed)
  • New parameter: Tree order (allow set comment's ordering for tree view)
  • New parameter: Form position (Before comments list / After comments list)
  • New option for homepage field: unrequired for guests, disabled for users
  • New option for homepage field: required for guests, disabled for users
  • Improved support for RTL language (extra CSS styles)


  • onBeforeCommentAdded renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforeAdd
  • onAfterCommentAdded renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterAdd
  • onBeforeCommentDeleted renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforeDelete
  • onAfterCommentDeleted renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterDelete
  • onBeforeCommentPublished renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforePublish
  • onAfterCommentPublished renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterPublish
  • onBeforeCommentChanged renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforeChange
  • onAfterCommentChanged renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterChange
  • onCommentVote renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforeVote
  • onAfterCommentVoted renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterVote
  • onReportComment renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforeReport
  • onAfterCommentReported renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterReport
  • onBeforeUserBanned renamed to onJCommentsUserBeforeBan
  • onAfterUserBanned renamed to onJCommentsUserAfterBan
  • onAfterPrepareComment renamed to onJCommentsCommentAfterPrepare
  • onBeforeCommentChanged renamed to onJCommentsCommentBeforeChange
  • onJCommentsBeforeFormDisplayed renamed to onJCommentsFormBeforeDisplay
  • onJCommentsAfterFormDisplayed renamed to onJCommentsFormAfterFormDisplay
  • onBeforeDisplayCommentsList renamed to onJCommentsCommentsPrepare
  • Added event onJCommentsCommentBeforePrepare
  • Added new events onJCommentsShow and onJCommentsCount (Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6)
  • Removed event onBeforeDisplayComment (use onJCommentsCommentBeforePrepare or onJCommentsCommentAfterPrepare)


Added 8 new language files and updated all exiting ones. Most of the time the additions are due to new language constants and improved quality of translations. My sincere gratitude to all translators for their work!

  • New translations
    • Arabic (thanks to Ashraf Damra)
    • Bosnian (thanks to Amicus)
    • Chinese (thanks to Yusuf Wang and moiska)
    • Hebrew (thanks to vollachr)
    • Khmer (thanks to Sovann Heng)
    • Lithuanian (thanks to Andrewas and abc123)
    • Persian (thanks to hostkaran and ULTIMATE)
    • Spanish (Argentina) (thanks to migueliyo17)

Import of comments

New version now allows import of comments from 5 new components, import function has been optimized and all known errors have been fixed. Currently JComments supports comment importing from 46 different extensions!

  • New import sources
    • HekimaBlog
    • PhocaGallery (image comments)
    • rsiComments
    • sliComments
    • UdjaComments

Integration with third-party extensions

Optimized integration plugins that are necessary for correct reference to the commented objects, improved compatibility with JoomFish, added 15 new plugins:

  • New integration plugins
    • Akeeba Release System
    • AllEvents (thanks to Christophe Avonture)
    • DjCatalog
    • DjClassifieds
    • HekimaBlog (thanks to Irina Popova)
    • HikaShop (thanks to Hikari Team)
    • JEvents
    • JomTube (thanks to July07)
    • JPhoto (thanks to Hari Karam Singh)
    • JVideoClip (thanks to mazao)
    • Listbingo
    • Marketplace 2.0
    • Sobi Pro
    • Tienda
    • VideoFlow (thanks to Kirungi Fred Fideri)