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JoomlaTune Support Forum    JComments component    Translations    Topic: Online Localization project for JComments
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Author Topic: Online Localization project for JComments  (Read 13108 times)
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Keep Calm and Translate Joomla

« on: April 30, 2013, 22:55:43 »

The localization project for JComments at Transifex was revamped with:
- Technical changes (specially the master files language code)
- No changes on the core files.
- Included additional files for non core plugins and modules (only those from JoomlaTune)

How to translate online?
1- Enter JComments project at Transifex:

2- Choose your language team

3- Pick the file and translate with your browser!

Note: first you need to join your language team at

Translation releases:
option A - Files from developer: will be available here http://www.joomlatune.com/jcomments-translations.html

option B - auto-packs from Transifex - One click download: http://translations.joomlapt.com/languagepacks/jcomments

Direct download from Transifex? Help with Transifex and Joomla?
Direct download from Transifex?
Tutorials: Keep Calm and Translate Joomla - https://sites.google.com/site/transjoomla/

Already used Transifex .TX client locally?
If you already use that project you will need to download files again.
The best way is to remove all local translations and master files to a backup folder, replace your actual .TX client config file with the one shared here, and download files again. A new folder tree and files will be created!

Transifex .TX client config file
.TX client allows you to download all translations done online. You need the tool and a config file (to proper name and language codes).
Customized file available here:
JComments - https://sites.google.com/site/transjoomla/joomla-projects/tx-customized-config-download/jcomments

Join/Translate JComments:

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JComments Translations (Keep Calm and Translate Joomla) - https://sites.google.com/site/transjoomla/joomla-projects/tx-customized-config-download/jcomments
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JoomlaTune Support Forum    JComments component    Translations    Topic: Online Localization project for JComments
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