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JoomlaTune Support Forum    JComments component    General discussion    Topic: Intensedebate to Jcomments for desperados!
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Author Topic: Intensedebate to Jcomments for desperados!  (Read 4986 times)
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« on: April 28, 2012, 13:02:11 »

I really like the Jcomments layout with nested comments and comment voting. It is what attracted me to Intensedebate; but I want my comments on site now and there is no way to easily get the comments to import from ID to other platforms.

This mighty be the clunkiest fix anyone has ever seen BUT it works so leave me alone!

For the desperate - it takes a couple of hours doing it slowly but it is really simple. As is usual for me, it was a case of create a solution with what I have (do the best you can with what you've got) - this is a bit hap hazard but it might help others as inexperienced as me who are in need of help.

I went with Jcomments - after inspecting their db schema, their's was the one most like ID's. I think however that the process I used would work equally as well for others (might have to fix up an extra table).

After noting down the SQL table specifics, I took the dump file from ID and copy/pasted it into WORD  Shocked(yes, MS Word). There using find/repalce I removed all the coding ("<[CDATA(... blah blah blah)) and replaced it with neat simple refs per line like "ID, PARENT, TEXT, IP, NAME..." etc. Each ref was on a new line with a tab between the ref and the data. Then I removed all the excess para-breaks on the "text" line and replaced them with "<br />". Then all the strange coded formats "&lqu;" etc. and replaced them with their real chars. Then I escaped the apostrophes with find/replace. I added a "XXNEW" ref line before each record.

Then I copy/pasted that to excel  Shocked (yes, MS excel). There I wrote some VBA to take the data from the now modified ID dump and convert it (line by line) to the Jcomments table structure and simultaneously add the SQL "INSERT INTO" syntax.

Once that was done... I copy/pasted the output into phpSQL on the server cPanel and loaded it up... I had all my comments back with everything as it was, including voting, and all in perfect order (nested)! It took half a day all up but it did work.

It is a very indirect method but it did work. Just be careful of the user IDs (where in doubt set to anonymous (= 0)). I liked using word and excel because it gave me a visual interface with the data - I really need to see it to fix it and it used simple tools I'm really familiar with.

Anyway, I hope I don't sound like a complete idiot - I'm sure there are faster ways, but without doing weeks of research I am not able to do them - this used what I had to get the result.

This process might work for other systems too - if you have IntenseDebate you might adapt this procedure. MORAL OF THE STORY: As always with anything IT, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY! Wink

I looked into the ID --> Disqus --> Jcoms etc. (I looked at many avenues similar) but none could do it and keep the data structure intact - they each lost something on the way across  (like voting rank, or nesting). So it was back to the old drawing board (and microsoft of all things! - you could probably use OpenOffice for all you flaming Linux-trolls out there). Tongue
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JoomlaTune Support Forum    JComments component    General discussion    Topic: Intensedebate to Jcomments for desperados!
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